Navigational warning no.81/2018

Seismic survey operation from Nov 14th till Dec 21st 2018 by S/V(seismic vesel) ''POLAR EMPRESS towing 8 cables-length 7.5 km, marked with yellow buoys at ends, in area bounded by the following  positions :

A. 42 11.00N   018 28.00E                       B. 42 11.00N   018 53.70E

C. 42 04.15N   019 04.70E                       D. 41 32.00N   019 06.00E

E. 41 25.00N   018 58.80E                       F.  41 25.00N   018 28.00E


All ships are requested to keep clear 5.5 NM astetrn and 3.0 NM ahead and abeam from S/V ''POLAR EMPRESS''. Stop

Navigational warning no.73/2018

The buoy is located in Dobra Voda region on position  42 01.708N  019 08.500E with characteristic yellow flash light every two seconds. Forbidden anchorage in radius of 50 mtrs from the buoy stop

European Maritime Safety Agency held 17th meeting of CSN users in Lisbon on 28 June, 2018.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of member states as well as by representatives of Albania, Turkey and Montenegro. The subject of the meeting was presentation of statistical results achieved by the service in the period after the last meeting with a special accent on the improvement of the service compared to the previous period as well as the presentation of planned activities.


Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum Conference, 27 June, 2018

Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum Conference, organized by French Directorate for Maritime Affairs, was held in Marseille from 26 to 28 June, 2018

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