Distribution of LRIT data from Montenegro LRIT Data Centre to NATO and EU NAVFOR

The IMO has set up a distribution facility for the provision of Flag State LRIT information to NATO and security forces operating in the Gulf of Aden and the Western Indian Ocean (MSC 298(87), to help their efforts in the repression of piracy and armed robbery against ships.


The flag State participation in the distribution facility is completely voluntary. This is an "opt-in" arrangement and each flag State has to have the ability to determine which security force, if any, will receive their information.  

Currently, there are 2 security forces that have been registered as recipients in the Information Distribution Facility: European Union Naval Force Somalia (EU NAVFOR) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

As Maritime Safety Department have already received formal emails from the security forces (NATO and EU NAVFOR) asking us that we provide them with our LRIT data,  and bearing in mind a strong commitment of Government of Montenegro to Euro Atlantic integrations, Maritime Safety Department has made necessary arrangements in order to provide NATO and EU NAVFOR with LRIT data from Montenegro National LRIT Data Centre. 

Maritime Safety Department has received confirmation from NATO and EU NAVFOR that they receive LRIT data from Montenegro LRIT Data Centre. 

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