Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum Conference, 27 June, 2018

Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum Conference, organized by French Directorate for Maritime Affairs, was held in Marseille from 26 to 28 June, 2018

Two-day Conference was attended by the representatives of administrations of participating countries and by the representatives of the European Commission, EMSA, REMPEC, DG MARE, EFCA, FRONTEX, etc.

The Conference consisted of several panels with following topics:

1.     Data exchange building,

2.     Maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution,

3.     Monitoring and inspection of fisheries,

4.     Consideration of the situation related to immigration crisis and smuggling

5.     Organization of regional exercises and cooperation of institutions with coast guard responsibilities.

The Conference adopted concrete suggestions and conclusions for the purpose of future regional cooperation and exchange of data among Mediterranean countries and organization of necessary trainings with the support of European Union.

Maritime Safety Department’s representatives at the Conference were Nexhat Kapidani and Žarko Lukšić.

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