Safety Information

Navigational warning no.78/2018

On 17th and 18th October from 0800 till 1500 hrs lt, Montenegrin Navy running firing exercise. Forbidden for sailing, anchoring, fishing and all types of underwater activities sea area in radius of6 NM from the following  position:

A.  42 05.70  N  018 51.30 E.

All ships are requested to pay maximum attention and navigate with slow speed.

Navigational warning no.73/2018

The buoy is located in Dobra Voda region on position  42 01.708N  019 08.500E with characteristic yellow flash light every two seconds. Forbidden anchorage in radius of 50 mtrs from the buoy stop

Navigational warning nr. 44/2018

Two buoys marking the works in Kumbor strait temporary established in the following positions:

A. 42 25 954N  018 35 686E

B. 42 25 854N  018 36 000E

All ships are requested to pay maximum attention stop.

Navigational warning no.37/2018

All ships are kindly advised that the and all kinds of underwatwer activities are prohibited in area bonded by the following positions:


A.  42 17.53n   018 44.61e

B.  42 16.44n   018 49.05e

C.  42 15.13n   018 47.34e

D.  42 16.81n   018 44.41e


Also 500 mtrs from line joining the following points:


A.  42 01.22n   018 29.63e

B.  42 16.51n   018 48.10e stop

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