Navigational warning nr. 44/2018

Two buoys marking the works in Kumbor strait temporary established in the following positions:

A. 42 25 954N  018 35 686E

B. 42 25 854N  018 36 000E

All ships are requested to pay maximum attention stop.

Navigational warning no.37/2018

All ships are kindly advised that the and all kinds of underwatwer activities are prohibited in area bonded by the following positions:


A.  42 17.53n   018 44.61e

B.  42 16.44n   018 49.05e

C.  42 15.13n   018 47.34e

D.  42 16.81n   018 44.41e


Also 500 mtrs from line joining the following points:


A.  42 01.22n   018 29.63e

B.  42 16.51n   018 48.10e stop

Navigational warning no.33/2018

All vessels and navigable objects in Bay of Boka are advised that transiting speed is limited to10 kts but in Kumbor and Verige straits to 6 kts. Vessels and navigable objects are requested to strictly comply with speed limitations stop

Navigational warning no.28/2018

Border marks for the danger of sandy spruce in aquatorium  the port of  Kotor works with  following characteristics R Fl(9) 10s.  STOP

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