European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Info Day held in Bar

Maritime Safety Department, in collaboration with EMSA, on September 17, 2009 in the conference room of the Port of Bar organized ‘Info Day’ on the work of this agency and its significance for the implementation of EU legislation in national legislations. 

This presentation was attended by the representatives of the following institutions and legal subjects: Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications, Harbour Master’s Offices of Bar and Kotor, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Police – Border police division, Port of Bar, Port of Kotor, Marina Bar AD, Porto Montenegro, Nimont, Jadroagent, Azalea Maritime Training Center, Maritime Faculty Kotor, FAB Live and, as hosts, representatives of the Maritime Safety Department and EMSA representatives Mr. Giuseppe Russo and Mr. Andrea Tassoni. 



From today WEB presentation of Maritime Safety Department is available also from this address:


On the basis of the Law on Yachts (Official Gazette of RM, No. 46/07 of 31.07.2007) charges for light dues in navigable waterways in force from 01.01.2008 shall be calculated in accordance with the following tariffs:  

Yacht lengthCharge for up to 7 daysCharge for 1 monthCharge for 3 monthsCharge for 6 monthsCharge for 1 year

From 7 to 12 m

From 12 to 17 m

40,00€ 120,00€95,00€ 220,00 €200,00€ 400,00 €280,00€ 540,00 €400,00€ 750,00 €

From 17 to 24 m

200,00€340,00 €600,00 €800,00 €1.100,00€
Over 24 meters420,00€600,00 €900,00 €1.240,00 €1.500,00€

All charges are income of the budget of the Republic of Montenegro and invoices should be paid on the controlled account of the Maritime Safety Department: 832 - 2010 - 84.

Republic of Montenegro continues to be on the so-called IMO White List

We are very delited to publishing this information from IMO.
eCopy of this fax is ready for download on folowed link Republic of Montenegro continues to be on the so-called IMO White List

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